Best Rated Bread Maker for Rye Bread

best bread machineRye bread is bread that is made with caraway seeds, it’s very healthy and recommended for your diet. If you wanted to include rye bread in your daily meal, there is no need for you to buy on the market daily. You just have to choose the best rated bread maker for rye bread so that you can produce your own. Here is a list that you can choose from:

Lakeland Breadmaker Plus

The size of the loaf doesn’t really matter here because it can accommodate any size that you wanted. Aside from that, it tastes good as it looks like a bread machines. This machine comes with a nut and fruit dispenser, allowing you to try out different recipes and get creative with the type of bread that you wanted to produce. There are also a detachable scales as well as baguette pans that can be utilized if you ever wanted to bake bread and jam as well.

Russell Hobbs 18036

If you are looking for a bread maker that doesn’t take too much space in your kitchen, then consider best bread machines of 2017. It’s easy to carry around and the size is small. If you wanted to bake simple yet tasty white and brown loaves, this one is perfect for you. It also comes with 3 loaf sizes and 3 crust colour that you can choose from in the settings. If you don’t really mind the delay timer, then you can consider buying this model. Not to mention that it’s for sale at a pocket-friendly price.

bread machine

My Kitchen Compact Bread Maker

This model is also small, but the quality and performance are still impressive. It’s very easy to use and maintain. And also, rest assured that you will be able to produce tasty and well-textured rye bread. If you don’t have a big family, or you’re planning to serve bread good for two people only, you will not have a problem with this model. Aside from producing rye bread, it also had the capability to produce gluten-free bread as well and the delay timer is impressive.

It cannot be denied that both rye bread and gluten-free bread are quite expensive to buy at the market. But worry no more because you will not have any difficulty in including it in your diet because of the bread makers that have the capability to produce such bread in the comfort of your own home.


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